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pbnetworks - Computer Security Solutions

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Network Security Evaluation

A majority of corporate networks are built without any emphasis on information security.  This allows hackers and insider attack activities to grow. 

Main Steps of Security Evaluation

  1. Assessment - Independent and comprehensive assessment of existing IT infrastructure security
  2. Identification - Most significant and critical IT risks and threats are identified
  3. Action Plan - Detailed report is prepared covering system risk exposure and threats discovered with suggestions for their effective elimination
The main purpose of a security evaluation is to discover weak points in the architecture of IT infrastructure.  Such weaknesses quite often remain undiscovered after a penetration test.

Risk Assessment

To fully understand the security risks that your organization faces, it is imperative that you undertake a risk assessment. A risk assessment will identify your key information assets, perceived security threats and assess them based on probability and risk. This will ensure that mitigation strategies are put in place that directly relate to the business risks identified.

Attack & Penetration Testing

If there is a weakness in your IT security system, wouldn’t you prefer to find it before someone else does?

Attack & Penetration testing service can provide a snapshot of your network’s exposure to common vulnerabilities and exploits. Our Attack & Penetration assessment determines your network’s exposure to Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and Remote Access related threats. Detailed technical, procedural and strategic recommendations are provided to minimize future exposure.

Operating System & Application Base lining

We have extensive experience in dealing with standards for Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX, and Linux. Our customized standards are based on industry leading practices (such as SANS, NSA, NIST, and CIS) and are designed to meet a high level of security. Not only can we help you to secure your current environment, but help to put policies, procedures, and guidelines in place to ensure that new problems are not introduced.

Remote Access Solutions

With an increase in globalization, and the gain in popularity of tele commuting, effective remote access solutions are becoming a necessity in conducting business. We can implement secure remote access solutions ranging from dial-up solutions right through to site-to-site Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Wireless Solutions

Wireless networks, specifically 802.11, are gaining popularity as a result of their lower cost, ease of deployment, and flexibility when compared with conventional wired networks. However, this new technology brings with it a set of unique security risks that many organizations fail to take into consideration. Pbnetworks offers a broad range of wireless solutions that help establish safe secure wireless operations.

Full System Security Audit

We review the information that belongs to your system and everything associated with it as they apply to the Policy level, Procedure level and System level.  The following points should be performed during a security audit:

  • Network Architecture and Configuration
  • Hardware Firewalls and Routers Configuration
  • User Authentication and Access Management
  • Updates and patches management
  • System Configuration
  • System Services and Applications configuration
  • Antivirus Software Management
  • Confidential Data Handling and Encryption
  • Backup System Management
  • Local Security Policy review
  • Presence and Qualification of Internal Incident Response Team
  • Physical Security
Providing Solutions

We are committed to providing you with expert service in secure networking. If your company is experiencing network problems or a recent web attack has left you felling vulnerable then give us a call.

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