pbnetworks - Computer Security Solutions

pbnetworks - Computer Security Solutions


Expert Security Consulting Service

Before or after a penetration test or security audit you might have a demand for IT security consulting in order to better understand your IT security Strategy.  Pbnetworks security experts are ready to provide you with high-quality, vendor-independent advice and guidance.  See our Capability Statement.

Typical consulting topics include the following:

  1. Application Software Security
  2. Security aspects in Network Design and Architecture
  3. Security Policy development, implementation and review
  4. IDS/IPS integration and review
  5. Log-management procedures development and review
  6. Honeypot system integration and management
  7. Incident handling and response
  8. Cyber-fraud prevention and detection
  9. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning
  10. Risk Assessment
  11. Data Loss Prevention

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