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09/05/12 Wireshark article makes cover story for issue #143 of Linux-Pro

My latest article on Wireshark made it to Issue #143 / Oct 2012 issue of Linux-Pro Cover Theme: Intrusion Prevention.  Reading a packet capture file with Wireshark and tshark 'Needle in a Haystack'.  Wireshark doesn't just work in real time.  If you save a history of network activity in a pcap file using a tool such as tcpdump, you can filter the data with Wireshark to search for evidence.

Approximate on sale dates:

 - UK/Europe:
Sep 01
- USA/Canada: Sep 28
- Australia: Oct 29


New vulnerabilities appear every day. To keep your network safe, you need to think like an attacker.

Cover Stories:

  • IPv6 Pen Testing: You can't rely on just your IPv4 pen test tools if IPv6 services are running on the network.
  • Capture File Filtering with Wireshark: Save a history of network activity and search it later for intrusion evidence.
  • OpenVAS: How safe is your network? Look for potential problems with this open source vulnerability assessment tool.
  • Side Channel Attacks: Error messages and verbose log entries can tip off intruders.
Issue #143 / Oct 2012
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