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pbnetworks - Computer Security Solutions

04/08/14 Acquiring a Memory Image

We describe tools you can use to obtain a memory image of an infected system.

Protecting your network environment with the latest virus protection, controlling what software is installed and allowed to run, restricting network access, protecting web browsing, limiting user account access, updating security patches.  All these efforts are critical, but all will fall short if you dont have the proper monitoring to detect badness on your network and respond quickly.  When your network has the proper monitoring in place, and knowledgeable engineers are monitoring for outbreaks, you will have a better view of how traffic flows in your environment.  When you understand how traffic flows, you can respond better when badness happens.

Issue #20 will be shipped to subscribers and available on newsstands starting approximately:

UK/Europe: April 21
North America: May 16
Australia: June 16

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