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02/16/10 Police nab hacker over central Moscow porn show

Police in south Russian have detained the hacker responsible for the broadcast of a hardcore porn clip on a central Moscow advertising screen last month, a paper said on Tuesday.

Police nab hacker over central Moscow porn show

The showing of a two-minute pornographic clip on a massive advertising screen caused a traffic jam in downtown Moscow in mid-January as motorists "unable to believe their eyes" stopped their vehicles.

Moscow authorities immediately pledged an inquiry into the incident, which took place on the Russian capital's central Garden Ring road.

The guilty hacker - a 40-year-old "highly qualified" unemployed man described as an "advanced Internet user" - was eventually tracked to and apprehended in the Black Sea city of Novorossiisk, the Kommersant newspaper wrote.

The unnamed man has already admitted breaking into the advertising company's system, but says that he thought the clip he decided to air in place of ads for deodorant, fast food and other consumer delights would only be shown in a supermarket, the paper wrote.

"When I put the clip on the screen's server, I didn't think it would be seen by a large audience, as I supposed the screen was located in a Moscow store," the suspect was quoted as saying.

"I just wanted to give people a laugh," he added.

The "cyber hooligan" - as he has been dubbed by national media - carried out his porn attack on the Russian capital after breaking into a Chechen organization's website and using it to control the advertising screen's playlist. He was quoted as saying he chose the volatile North Caucasus republic of Chechnya for the base for his assault on the senses of Moscow motorists as he "didn't think the police would go there" to investigate.

MOSCOW, February 16 (RIA Novosti)

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